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Novell NetWare Volume Memory Calculator

This form will calculate the amount of memory that NetWare needs to mount a volume. This calculation includes a recommendation for the amount of memory needed for file caching based upon the number of clients attached to the server.

For NetWare 3.x based volumes, disable the block suballocation and compression fields.

This form does not calculate the amount of memory needed for the operating system or other applications.

Tip: To save this form on your computer, select File - Save As. This will copy the form to your "My Documents" folder.


Volume Size in MB:

Block Size:

Block Suballocation:

Enabled Disabled

Compression: Enabled Disabled
DOS Name Space:


LONG Name Space: Enabled Disabled
MAC Name Space: Enabled Disabled
NFS Name Space: Enabled Disabled
FTAM Name Space: Enabled Disabled
Total number of files:  
Total number of clients:  

Memory Needed to Mount Volume:
Recommended Block Cache Size:
Recommended Memory for this Volume:

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