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How long does it take to defragment a volume?

Novell NetWare can move a block of data at a rate of 30 - 120 blocks per second. A data move is a read followed by a write. These numbers are based upon 7200 RPM SCSI disk drives and this performance is fairly constant across makes and models of servers. 

For example, you have a 50GB volume that is 70 percent full using 64KB blocks:

(50 GB x 70%) = 35GB = 550,000 64KB blocks
550,000 blocks moved at 30 blocks per second =  18,000 seconds = 5 hours
550,000 blocks moved at 120 blocks per second = 4580 seconds = 76 minutes

Do your products support NetWare NSS volumes?

Portlock Storage Manager and Portlock Volume Defragment support NSS and Traditional NetWare volumes.
See our Storage Manager FAQ here.

Do your products support resizing DOS partitions?

Yes, DOS partition resizing is available in Portlock Storage Manager.

Why doesn't your volume check feature include support for fixing NetWare volumes?

The volume check feature is designed to verify the integrity of a NetWare volume before a resize or defragment operation. This feature is designed to work with VREPAIR instead of replacing it.

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