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Portlock Storage Manager for Linux

Native port to Linux

Latest Update: February 28, 2006

News Flash: Portlock Storage Manager 3.35 now supports Online Imaging

August 20, 2005. Portlock Storage Manager version 3.35 now supports Online Imaging of NetWare 6.5 servers. By combining Novell's Snapshot technology with Portlock's Imaging technology, NetWare 6.5 servers can now be imaged while NSS volumes are mounted and active. Download Version 3.35.


A lot of customers are asking Portlock about our position and thoughts on Novell's entry into the Linux market and how we will respond to supporting Novell and the Linux market.

Portlock considers Novell's move into the Linux market brilliant. The acquisition of SuSE gives Novell a strong platform that is very popular on which to base Novell's technology upon. Portlock fully supports Novell's new strategy and we will completely support Linux and NetWare. As the only company with full disk level support for Novell's NSS file system, we are clearly in a strong position to provide support for NetWare and Linux including NSS.

Linux and Portlock Storage Manager

Portlock released beta support for Linux, which includes SuSE 8.1 - 9.0 and Red Hat 7.3 - 9.0, September 2003 in our NetWare / DOS products. Our next step is to port Portlock Storage Manager to run natively on Linux. The beta download on this page is a native Linux port.

Why is our Linux port important for NetWare customers?

The Linux port will form the framework to improve our bare-metal disaster recovery features. Currently Portlock Storage Manager uses DOS for the bare-metal OS and the Novell Client for TCP/IP connectivity. Linux will provide a more robust, higher performance platform for bare-metal restores. Portlock Storage Manager will also support USB and FireWire storage devices.

Why is our Linux port important for Linux customers?

Portlock Storage Manager is an enterprise class product for managing storage. Our products are tested on a large number of machines that support just about every kind of storage device. IDE, EIDE, SCSI, RAID, IDE RAID, Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SANs are all supported. Our "bare-metal" technology is better than any other product on the market. System administrator's time is expensive, downtime is even more expensive. You need tools that are not only extremely reliable but very fast and have strong technical support behind them.

More Information

Download Portlock Storage Manager for Linux (BETA)

Note: Check back often as we plan to rapidly release beta updates based upon customer feedback. You can also use the automated update feature in Storage Manager to download and install updates.

  1. Portlock Storage Manager for Linux 3.36 packaged as a ZIP file (858 KB - March 14, 2006).
  2. Portlock Linux Boot CD (112 MB - March 13, 2006) with Portlock Storage Manager 3.36.

Support Linux Platforms:

  • Mandrake 9.2 & 10.0
  • RedHat 9.0
  • SuSE 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 10.0
  • SLES 9.0, 10.0


  1. To install, create a directory "/stormgr" and download the files to this directory. Unzip "stormgr.zip".
  2. For most Linux systems, the current directory will not be part of your PATH. To execute type "./stormgr".
  3. Portlock Storage Manager for Linux runs as a console mode program. This means that you must exit your desktop (KDE, GNOME, etc) to run Portlock Storage Manager. To do this, open a "Terminal Window" and type "init 3". This will shutdown your desktop and return to the system's "console mode". To return to your desktop type "init 5".
    • Update Feb-28-04: just press "CTRL-ALT-F1" to switch to the console.
  4. Portlock Storage Manager requires access to the console's virtual terminal 1 ("/dev/tty1"). To check which terminal your console is connected to type "tty". To switch to console 1, press the keys "ALT-F1" or "CTRL-ALT-F1".
  5. Portlock Storage Manager has been tested on Mandrake 9.2 & 10.0, SuSE 9.0 and Red Hat 9.0. Other distributions are in testing (Debian, Slackware, TurboLinux, Knoppix).
  6. Portlock Storage Manager for Linux has full support for NetWare 3.12 - 6.5; SuSE 8.1 - 9.3; Red Hat 7.2 - 9.0 file systems.
  7. Supported File Systems: DOS (FAT12, FAT16), Windows (FAT32, NTFS), NetWare (Traditional and NSS), Linux (Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFSv3).

USB Support

Portlock Storage Manager supports USB disk drives.
  1. For SuSE 9.0, we had to do two things each time SuSE booted:
    1. Execute "modprobe ehci-hcd" (this loads the USB drivers for USB 2.0 adapters).
    2. Execute "modprobe usb-storage" (this loads the drivers for storage devices - disk and cd / dvd).
  2. For Red Hat 9.0, we connected the USB devices and then had to reboot the server.
  3. For Mandrake 9.2, USB worked flawlessly.
  4. The Portlock Linux Boot CD now supports booting from USB CDs (and USB DVDs too) - October 10, 2004 release.

FireWire Support

Portlock Storage Manager supports FireWire disk drives.

  1. SuSE 9.0 automatically detects FireWire disk drives (and CD / DVD devices).
  2. For Mandrake 9.2, FireWire worked flawlessly.

Known problems or limitations that will be corrected / added / enhanced:

  1. Portlock Storage Manager might not execute on early versions of Linux as Portlock Storage Manager for Linux is compiled under Red Hat 9.0 (you will see missing library messages on the console). We are investigating library dependencies for different versions of Linux.
  2. Requires execution from a Linux Console and not from a Linux Desktop (KDE, GNOME).
  3. ReiserFS version 4 is not yet supported.
  4. JFS is  not yet supported.
  5. XFS is not yet supported.
  6. Automatic dismounting of partitions (file systems) is not yet supported.
  7. CD / DVD devices are not yet supported.
  8. Some dialog boxes display the host IP address incorrectly, however commands that use the HTTP, FTP and TCPIP functions do work correctly.
  9. Red Hat 9.0. If you switch virtual consoles and then switch back to Storage Manager, the screen may display very odd characters. This is caused by the default font setting being changed when you switched screens. Go back to the other screen and execute "setfont". This will change the default font back to normal.
  10. "Enter a filename" dialogs will display NetWare volumes. However, if you select a NetWare volume, an error message will be displayed about the volume not being mounted. Support for accessing files inside a NetWare volume from Linux is not yet supported.
  11. A number of the Portlock Storage Manager screens should be improved for console displays that are larger than 25 rows x 80 columns. A number of Linux distributions support console displays with a large number of rows and columns, such as SuSE (50 rows x 128 columns).
  12. Partition Create Limitations:
    1. Partition Create does not yet support creating Ext2 partitions.
    2. Partition Create does not yet support creating Ext3 partitions.
  13. Partition Copy Limitations:
    1. Partition Copy does not yet support resizing Ext2 partitions during the partition copy.
    2. Partition Copy does not yet support resizing Ext3 partitions during the partition copy.
    3. Partition Copy does not yet support resizing ReiserFS partitions during the partition copy.
  14. Partition Resize Limitations:
    1. Partition Resize does not yet support resizing Ext2 partitions.
    2. Partition Resize does not yet support resizing Ext3 partitions.
    3. Partition Resize does not yet support resizing ReiserFS partitions.
  15. Restore Limitations:
    1. Restore does not yet support resizing Ext2 partitions during a partition restore.
    2. Restore does not yet support resizing Ext3 partitions during a partition restore.
    3. Restore does not yet support resizing ReiserFS partitions during a partition restore.

Reported Issues Fixed:

  1. Did not recognize disk drives on a Compaq DL380 G3 (Fixed 11-25-03)
  2. Cursor disable (hide) did not work (Fixed 11-25-03).
  3. USB support has been added (Fixed 11-25-03).
  4. File Editor was not supported (Fixed 11-28-03).
  5. The screen redraw logic was improved to increase performance (Fixed 11-28-03).
  6. "Enter a filename" dialogs now support the "Insert" key to display a file selection dialog box (Fixed 11-28-03).
  7. Partition Create now supports creating ReiserFSv3 partitions (Fixed 11-29-03). This command creates the partition and formats the file system in a single operation.
  8. Check for Updates command is now supported. Use the Check for Updates command from the Main Menu to automatically download and install the latest beta version (Fixed 11-30-03).
  9. Improved the Sector Editor command for console displays larger than 25 rows x 80 columns (Fixed 12-02-03).
  10. After creating, deleting or modifying partitions, Linux sometimes does not reload its partition tables (Fixed 12-14-03).
  11. Display Partition Map now supports DOS Extended Partitions (Fixed 12-14-03).
  12. Updated the Linux version to match Portlock Storage Manager 3.28.
  13. Loading / installing license files now works from floppy (Fixed 5-9-04).
  14. Booting from USB CDs and DVDs is now supported (Fixed 10-10-04).
  15. Tape devices are now supported (version 3.35 08-20-05)
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