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At Portlock Software, we strive to have strong support and partnership alliances with key companies around the world. Portlock Partners are essential to our company's growth and success.


Adaptec Inc. provides highly available storage access solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content.



Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) is a recognized leader in data storage for the open systems market, offering a broad range of tape automation, storage networking, and storage software products.


Compaq: The new HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is a leading technology solutions provider for consumers and businesses with fault-tolerant servers, UNIX® servers, Linux servers, Windows® servers, storage solutions, management software, imaging and printing and PCs.


Dell Computer Corporation is the world's most preferred computer systems company, and a premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures.


Disc offers a product family of Optical Libraries based on DVD- and Sony PDD technology, ranging from 1TB - 16 TB:

  • Rack mountable, best form factor in the industry, highest reliability.

  • 2 - 14 drives, 11MB/s per drive, up to 14 parallel data streams

  • Write once + rewritable media.

  • Available as direct attach (SCSI), NAS or fibre.

  • DVD media to offer a maximum of read compatibility - And blue laser Sony PDD technology - the high performance + high capacity archive technology.

  • Offline Management supported.


EMC Corporation is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services and the provider of the most robust, secure, and trusted information storage infrastructure in the world.


Fujitsu Limited is a leading provider of customer-focused information technology and communications solutions for the global marketplace.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is the leading European computer company. Serving the needs of large corporations, small- to medium-sized enterprises and consumers, the company operates in all key markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Hewlett Packard

The new HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is a leading technology solutions provider for consumers and businesses with fault-tolerant servers, UNIX® servers, Linux servers, Windows® servers, storage solutions, management software, imaging and printing and PCs.


Hitachi, Ltd. manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment.


IBM Corporation is the world's largest information technology company, as well as the world's largest business and technology services consultancy ($35 billion); the world's largest hardware company ($33 billion) and I/T rental and financing company ($3.4 billion). (1/02)


Intel Corporation is the world's largest chip maker, as well as a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products.

LSI Logic

LSI Logic Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of communications, consumer and storage semiconductors for applications that access, interconnect and store data, voice and video.


Novell, Inc.: Novell is a leader in Net business solutions and Net services software designed to secure and power a networked world.


Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Corporation of America) is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business and industrial needs.


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is a leader in optical disc technology focusing on four core business domains including DVD, display technologies, Digital Network Entertainment and components.


The leader in ATA and ATA RAID controllers since 1988, Promise Technology, Inc. has established a global presence in PC storage with key company locations and technical resources in the heart of Silicon Valley, Taiwan, Europe, and China.


QLogic Corporation simplifies the process of networking storage with controller chips, host bus adapters, network switches and management software to move data from the storage device through the fabric to the server.



Quantum Corporation is a long-standing leader in data protection that optimizes customer investments by providing simple, scalable network storage solutions from the desktop to the data center.


Seagate Technology, LLC is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives for enterprise, PC and consumer electronics applications.


Sony Corporation of America is the inventor of some of today’s most popular formats including CD, DVD, MO and floppy disk delivers quality, reliability and versatility to meet your storage requirements.


Toshiba America, Inc markets and manufacturers information and communication systems, electronic components, heavy electrical apparatus, consumer products and medical diagnostic imaging equipment.


XIOtech Corporation integrates its SAN hardware and software into storage solutions that become the foundation for an organization's storage utility.


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