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3.12 - 6.5

Storage Management

Disaster Recovery

Data Migration

Data Recovery

Copy & Move Data

Resize Partitions

Resize Volumes

Undelete Partitions

Undelete Volumes

Traditional & NSS

Defragment Volumes

Convert Volumes


Product bundle includes:

  • Portlock Storage Manager

  • Portlock Scorpion

  • Portlock Volume Defrag

  • Portlock Disk Test

Portlock Storage Suite is a product bundle that includes all of our products in one attractively priced package. Portlock Storage Suite includes Portlock Storage Manager, Portlock Scorpion, Portlock Volume Defragment and Portlock Disk Test.

Easily manage storage on NetWare servers. Portlock Storage Manager is designed to minimize the management, setup, installation, and reconfiguration time for Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x servers. Copy, create, clone, image, restore, and resize DOS, NetWare and NSS partitions and volumes. Recover deleted partitions and volumes. Migrate servers. Extremely fast and easy disaster recovery. Defragment Volumes. Convert Traditional volume to NSS and NSS volumes to Traditional.

Purchasing Portlock Storage Suite:

Quantity Price Per Server Includes Order Evaluate
1 Server $595.00 $595.00 1 year updates
and support
2 Server $1,150.00 $575.00 1 year updates
and support
5 Server $2,875.00 $575.00 1 year updates
and support
10 Server $5,500.00 $550.00 1 year updates
and support

*** For other quantities, contact your local Portlock office or reseller.

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