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Volume Resize for NetWare

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Opening Menu

When you first start Volume Resize, the main menu appears. This menu displays a list of volumes on your NetWare server. Select the volume that you want to resize.

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Select Command Menu

This screen displays a list of commands that you can execute against a volume. Check Volume performs an extensive analysis of a volume similar to VREPAIR. Delete Volume deletes a volume. Rename Volume renames volumes including multi-segment volumes which install.nlm or nwconfig.nlm can not. Resize Volume resizes a volume, volume segment or deletes volume segments. Volume Info displays information about the selected volume.

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Resize Volume Screen

This screen displays options available for resizing a volume. If a volume has more than one segment, use the up arrow key to the field Volume Segments: (select for list) to select a segment to resize.  Notice the three fields at the left side bottom of the screen: Min Segment Size specifies the minimum size for the selected segment. If the volume has multiple segments, you can specified a size of zero to delete the segment. Data on this segment will be moved to the other segments first. Max Segment Size specifies the maximum size. New Segment Size specifies the new size for the volume segment. Pressing F10 confirms your choices and proceeds to resize the volume.

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Segment Selection Screen

This screen displays the segments for this volume. Select a volume segment to resize. By specifying a segment size of zero causes the data on this segment to be moved to other segments, and then the segment is deleted. 

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